From the Horse’s Mouth

17 11 2012

So far, I’ve Googled a variety of search terms and found some interesting stuff on telling the truth online.  Unfortunately, I’ve also discovered a lot which wasn’t relevant.  Newspapers and news sites tend to concentrate on the sensational stories which, inevitably, concern deception and lying online, which isn’t what interests me.  Most of what I reported so far originates from blogs and third parties; while this information has some validity, it is often only someone’s opinion or their interpretation of the facts.


I thought that the next step should be to find some evidence from ‘the horse’s mouth’ – but how to go about this?  I returned to one of the areas which first sparked my interest and tried to find out more on the Brigadoon Asperger’s/Autism community.

Unfortunately, the online forum was not open and I didn’t want to register for the Second Life ‘island’ as I felt it would be unethical to enter a world intended for a certain community for research purposes.

So I took a different approach, and looked at an online community for those with mental health issues.  Luckily for me, someone had already started a thread asking “What made you take the plunge to join [this forum]?” which gave me the feedback I was looking for!

  • I can post my inner most feelings
  • You can … be yourself on here
  • I needed somewhere with ‘real’ people, that I could relate to – rather than my status flashing, oh-so perfect plastic ‘friends’ on Facebook
  • I could be more honest and open about who I am
  • I could be the ‘real Sarah’ who can say it exactly how it is, warts and all
  • I thought, well, I AM mad, might as well admit it …


Lester, J (1993) Brigadoon [online] Available at [15/11/2012]

Radish Online Limited (2003) Mental Health Forum [online] Available at <> [15/11/2012]




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